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Originally Posted by nwsurfwakeskate View Post
Well I finally dove into this to try and fix my 3rd brake light and rear dome light issues.

ended up cutting the boot in the middle so that I could fold it over its self. Without doing this I couldn't get enough wire exposed to add some butt splices in. Sure enough there was 2 wires broken and about half a dozen that were cut through the insulation. I repaired the wires that were broken and wrapped everything up in Rescue Tape (silicone tape). Both the 3rd brake light and rear dome light work the way they are supposed to now. I tried opening up the headliner a little bit to see if this was an easy wiring harness to replace. The shit looks like it runs everywhere and its electrical taped into every other wire harness that comes near it both in the tailgate and in the headliner! WTF subaru!!!!

I'm debating cutting the whole thing and rewiring each connection eventually but for now my bandaid repair should hold for awhile. Thank God the brake lights aren't in the tailgate. that could be a serious problem!
yes the harness is easily changeable about 30 min job.

the wires go over to the rear dome light 1 ground screw near the rear dome light. then the wires gow down right behind the right brake light and there are 3 plugs un plug those and pull the wire up so you can access the dammaged areas with out cutting the acordian boot.
the rear hatch cover comes ovver easy with only 2 screws and 6 pop thingys . i'll take a few pics .
Now that's thinking out of the boxer!
fyi all 05 + legacy's have built in code reader