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2008 PZEV 2.5i Cat replacements (2 cars) at 80k miles
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So my brother and I have the same car (different colors) and yes we are twins. It is kinda nice having the same car as you can really get a close look at issues which are common in both cars. At 80,100 miles my brothers car threw a P0420 and (according to the dealership) needed a new cat. In NJ the cats are only warrentied up to 80k miles. They replaced the cat under warrenty even though he was over by 100 miles. A few thousand miles after having the reflash done (forget the recall #).

Now my car. A few thousand miles after I had the reflash done and I'm driving home and my check engine light pops on. I'm at 87,700. I couldn't believe it, P0420. I bring it to the dealership and they test the o2 sensors and same thing. I now need a new cat. After pleading they agreed to cover it under warrenty.

I am greatful that they covered it under warrenty but that sounds a little crazy that these cats are failing after/around 80k. Anyone else experience the same issue? Seems like the P0420 code is posted all over this forum.

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