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Originally Posted by OutbackXT05 View Post
Mines not the fastest in the world but mine sees this kind if shifting a few times a week with no issues.

Outback XT vs G35 Drag - YouTube
^ nice run man. I would have loved to see the face of the G35 driver..Do you have a short throw shifter and aftermarket clutch, or is everything, trans wise, stock?

Originally Posted by BAC5.2 View Post
Neither of those videos are really abnormally "fast" shifting.

Ex. 1 is what I'd consider normal "fast" shifting if you were trying to merge onto the highway or something.

Ex. 2 is only marginally faster.

Can you break things by shifting that fast? That's up to the clutch. When shifting that fast, the clutch WILL slip (even if you don't necessarily feel it). That slip saves transmission parts. Upgrade to a clutch that WONT slip, and that's when loads on the gears increase into the breaking zone.

Is that amount of slip going to cause more wear than a normal amount of slip wile shifting slowly? Probably not. I'd say anything beyond 70k miles is pretty "good" clutch life for aggressive driving.
^Very good feedback. thank you.