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So, I'm seeing more and more people complaining about the "LGT mentality" where "everyone hates everything."
I've been thinking about it, and I think I've found the root of the problem.
There are many written rules, but there are also a number of unwritten rules of etiquette that need to be addressed. When these rules aren't followed, flaming occurs and people get their feelings hurt. There is no secret council of old members who try to follow you around and make you feel bad about yourself, there are simply a lot of people on this website who get very tired of running into the same problems over and over again.

Following these seven-and-a-half simple rules will ensure that you get the most out of your car and your forum experience.

1. Use Proper Punctuation and Grammar. is an English-language forum. This isn't difficult to figure out, either. Fact is, people are less inclined to help you if you seem like a fool. Typing things out correctly is very easy, even on a tiny little cellphone keyboard. Most internet browsers have a "spell check" feature. Please use it. If you expect help from people, please do them the courtesy of making your posts clear and concise.
This is very, very hard to understand:
i got a junk yard motor to use its a 2.2 any modifacitations i can do when its apart im going to rebuild the old motor to a decent n/a motor
Agreed! but these cars are turbo cars there made with a certain compresion ratio if that compresion ratio were to be altered and thats not even the case here. In that particular case i would worry about blowing somthing up but at 6psi nah? i would worry about the root of the problem and get it fixed STAT! Even at no boost i have seen a STi run N/A for miles before getting the car to a shop of course it ran like **** and of course it felt like you were ridding around in a Rice Crispy Treat but hey it didnt BLOW! lol
fender flares aren't for everyone ... on a 4 door the rear flare must be cut for door function . there is 240 nissan , scion xb , lexus is300 ect. i'd like to hear about different flare installs using different versions . which versions are easier to trim & shape to fit or which involve adding material and bodywork to fit ... i did find 1 istall thread on a wag with the is300's & looks good but really want to see more methods . i will follow up with my own install in a few weeks so any help would be great . pics of opened rear doors showing the breakaway of the flare , even greater ! thanks
SO I wanted an exhaust that wasnt loud in idle but still had a rummble at 3-6k rpm and it sounds so amazing the apexi n1...I bought just the muffler for $130 and got a custom stainless 3 inch pipe at the place for $100 installed(Velasquez for those who know) and it sounds amazing I also got it tilted just how i want....I would def recommend this exhaust for anyone who wants to keep a low pro when cruising but it has a great sound at 3000rpm or when they rev at piece of **** hondas or **** with motor swaps lol
I also feel a decent pull now more then before when I gun it compare to stock idk whatt it is its just a catback but I feel so much for torque when I gas it haha
anyways lemme know what exhausts you got and if its nice I guess Just wanted to let you guys know the apexi n1 isnt super loud and can be silent when driving if need be
Side note: the period key "." is not your space bar.
We've all seen posts that look like this.

so i was drivn my subby the othr day ............. thnk i accidently my clutch............ it was jus cruisin along ukno ....... and then WHOOPS i accidently teh whole thing ...................... is this badd? ...................
Stop doing that. You know who you are.

2. Be Wise With the Search Function.
It really is better to start a new thread about an issue or question you have than to bump a thread from 2004. If anyone tells you to "SEARCH N00B!!!!!1!" it's because your question has been asked within the past week, or because the person telling you to search has an itch they can't scratch in public, making them cranky.
...(what, that doesn't happen to you guys?)

3. Ask Technical Questions in the Appropriate Forums.
The "Newbies" forum is a bad place to ask technical questions, due to the fact that it's full of, you guessed it - newbies. People who know as little about the car as you do.
I've heard the following.
"HID Kits are okay as long as you paint your headlights black."
"Subarus can't be driven under 30 degrees."
"The plastic intake manifold on the new WRX absorbs heat and tends to crack if you're not running an aftermarket radiator."
"You can run whatever size spacer you want without any sort of fender work."
All of these statements are complete and obvious crap. The technical forums, found here: are much better suited to helping you with any problems you may have with your car.
However, that comes with a little bit of a caveat: I will venture a guess that 90% of the people on this website do not have a ****ing clue what they're talking about. Let me reiterate with a more concrete guess: easily more than half of the people giving advice here have no ****ing clue what they're talking about. Absolutely no clue. It's best to take peoples' suggestions with a grain of salt. Speaking of which...

4. Don't Pretend to Know More Than You Do.
The people who made the above statements thought they were entirely correct. Please try to figure out who you're taking your advice from. Credibility isn't hard to reason out. If the person telling you which oil to run has a bunch of threads on blowing their motors, you probably shouldn't take their advice.
Similarly, if someone who knows more than you corrects you, don't do something like this:
you buddy are a moron, I have more automotive talent and skill in my pinky then you have in your whole body so keep your mouth shut. I just posted here because its the quickest easiest way to get info to see what my options are.
Who are you anyway, let me guess you live with your parents and make close to minimum wage working at an old person home using an old sponge to mop up old guy ball stench so you can afford to have 400whp out of a subaru so all of your 19 year old friends can think you're cool?

oh **** i just saw you had 27k posts and you are a "hateful moderator." Well I'm a guy that has more money in 3 cars sitting in my garage then you've made in the last 4 years. You know I bought this car just like I felt like it and I could run it into a tree for all I care?? Honestly, how much time of your life do you have to waste on a stupid forum to accumulate 27k posts??? Have you ever been with a girl? You a virgin dude? You ever give money to old men in deserted bathroom stalls to blow you to make you feel important and have more money to mod your subi? Dude get a get made fun of in middle school for having bitch tits and your nipples showing through your shirt or something and now have a power trip on a forum to put other people down and make yourself feel better about yourself?

You know you should be more nice to people.
Because that's not a good way to make friends.
Similarly, respect your elders and your moderators.

5. Stay Out of OT.
Until you have a very, very firm grasp on the rest of these rules, do not ever go to the Off-Topic section of this forum.
Actually, it's crowded in there. Don't go in. Seriously. You'll get your feelings hurt and there's a lot of people in there. I'm not even kidding, man.
Too many people complain about how mean everyone here is - well, yeah. That's like going to a biker bar, getting your ass beat in a bar fight, and saying that people are all horrible and that motorcycles make people into tools of Satan.
This works nicely between rules 4 and 6, because, it is just the internet. Be respectful, keep a low profile, and don't step on anyone's toes, especially if you're thin-skinned.

6. We're All Friends Here, But...
Even friends disagree. If someone says they don't like the way you modified your car, or if someone informs you you're doing something incorrectly or illegally, do not respond like the person mentioned in point number four. There is no rule that says we all have to like each others' cars. We're here as a community to shoot the **** and talk about cars. Please do not PM people death threats if you don't like their opinion. Similarly, please do not spend five pages of a thread talking about how you want to do socially unacceptable things to their exhaust.

7. Take the Advice People Give You.
I see far too many threads that go like this.
OP: "Hey guys, my car isn't working, I'm throwing the following codes and recently did the following modifications, what should I do to fix it?"
Helper: "Do x, y, and z."
OP: "Okay, I did a, b, and c, and it still isn't working, should I maybe try doing d and e?"
Helper: "Do x, y, and z. Seriously."
OP: "Okay, well, that didn't work, but, I tried doing r, l, and q..."
Helper: "Did you do x, y, and z?"
OP: "no, but I just tried m, pi, and tractor."

For the love of God, if you ask for help, please take it. Oh, and be sure to give us all the information. About half the time, that thread will end like this:
OP: "Oh, I forgot to mention I just changed my timing belt in sub-zero temperatures with a hammer"
which is, of course, causing the problem.

As it stands, we now have 7 1/2 good tips for noobs.
This will ensure that you have a long, happy, healthy internet career here at
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