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the official my wife is crazy and I'm going to leave her soon mod list...
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So, I need help here, not with the wife, I think that situation is beyond help. I sold my fast DSM to buy the wife a wedding ring, that's pretty much failed, so now it's time to think about upgrading the LGT more. If nothing else it will by symbolic. I've liked the power output, but it's never really felt that fast.

Here's what I have on my current setup:

- BNR 16g/VF40 (evo3 variant)
- Cryo tune
- PTP turbo blanket
- One step colder plugs
- Grimmspeed crossover pipe
- Ported my own manifolds to match, just at the crossover pipe attachments
- STI uppipe
- Cobb catted downpipe cut to 3in flange (otherwise it narrows)
- AVO mid/Y-pipe cut to 3in flange (otherwise it narrows)
- Grimmspeed 3-port EBCS
- Stock mufflers
- Stock intake and filter
- ProcessWest intercooler
- Aeromotive 340 fuel pump
- Autospeed external IC spray system that sprays when a set injector duty cycle and delta between ambient and back of IC temps are met

Not really power, but factors in...
- ACT streetlite flywheel
- Southbend stage3 organic clutch
- Poly bushings all around up front

Here's what I've considered, remember I'm at altitude so the same considerations are quite a bit different than sea level.

I considered an FP HTA68, but Legend only made 60 more hp on e85 than I did on 91 (my new number is 271hp). Considering I could probably get close to 300hp on e85, jumping to an HTA68 would only get me about 30hp, not worth the expense.

So what then? An FPGreen? Besides injectors, I'd need to delete TGVs and do a new inlet for 3". What injectors are safe for a Green and e85 at 5200'?

Here's what I'm considering:
FPGreen - internally gated with a higher pressure wastegate
TGV deletes
AMR hard inlet
Injectors (not sure which)

And then because I've never been particular either way to the boxer rumble:
Equal length headers (which are the least problematic long-term, not looking cheap, I want quality)
Borla mufflers

Any other thoughts? Yeah yeah yeah, spend that time and energy with the wife and it wouldn't fail... Believe me I've heard all that before and will totally accept blame that it's "all my fault", so let's move on...

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