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Originally Posted by Strizzy123 View Post
Well, everything is installed. It starts and runs. Base tune goes on tomorrow so I can at least drive around, then sometime next week I go full retard.
Oh yea, we found the electrical gremlin... PLX's new DM-6 requires this weird voltage reducer thingy to make the gauge work, but for some reason, it put +12V to the chassis. So that is disconnected for now, until something can be figured out. Unless I wired it wrong, because I tend to do that at 1am after a couple beers.

Anyways, I took some crappy cell phone pics of what I'm pretty sure are the first ever engine bay pics I've ever taken of my car.

You'll notice the turbo was clocked to PERFECTLY fit my AVO fmic piping. It seriously couldn't fit any better. The 3" Perrin inlet fit, with some effort. The fuel pump housing had to be modded a bit more to fit the slightly larger Aeromotive pump.

Originally Posted by Strizzy123 View Post
Clusterfu*k, it is. For now. And no setting fire to it just yet.
I'll be fast..... soon enough
Bring it up to my place in the city and I will give you a hand