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Carwash woes. Beepity boopity
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So after the new shortblock installation I find myself with cyl 1 and 3 (pass side cylinders) misfires only when in the touchless carwash(the fast jet spray thingies). It will stumble and misfire for about 5 seconds then completely disappear. I have no other times when I misfire. Another local subaru owner has an identical problem and doesn't know what it is.

I got a bottle of water and dribble drabbled some water in the areas I think are being affected while the engine was running, with the hood up, but found no reoccurence of aforemetnioned issue. Any common areas in the engine bay that this happens in? My fuel trims are fine, vac is fine, no vac leaks found. Air box is sealed fine, coil pack connectors are on (obviously as it runs and drive fine otherwise).
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