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Boxkita's wagon
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As some have asked, here's some details of my wagon.

Current config as of Nov 2013:
2005 GT Ltd Wagon (Build date: July 2004)
OBP with Black Leather lightly dusted with dog fur

Extra options:
Factory short-shifter
Yakima cross bars (extra long)

Major failures:
- @98k, transmission rebuilt due to noisy 3rd gear, replaced clutch & flywheel with stock units
- @ 101k, #1 piston failed explosively, ejecting parts of #1 rod/piston through out the engine . Rod/Piston/Motor on display at Outback Automotive. More pics of damage.

Sept 2004:
35% tint on all windows & sunroof

DRL Delete

April 2011:
rebuild transmission (replace all bearings/bushings, new clutch, flywheel)
Flush brake fluid and change to DOT 4

June 2011:
Cobb Sway bars, rear set on soft setting
Cobb Rear Sway bar reinforcement bracket
Avo Hard Endlinks (rear only, fronts wont fit without moving the mounting tab)

July 2011:
Hawk HPS pads on front
New stock rotors on front
Switched to BFG KDW 2 (235/45/17) on 17x7 et 42 wheels

Sept 2011:
9/2 - Added new undertray
9/3 - At PR, exploded Piston #1 and threw remnants of the unattached rod thru the block then caught fire whereupon firemen put out fire and forcibly removed brand new undertray

Dec 2011-Mar 2012:
Had Outback Automotive build a new engine using my supplied short block (forged parts) and:
- HTA68 turbo w/Cobb stainless heatshield
- replace stock TMIC w/ process west intercooler TMIC & matching ducting
- full Whiteline bushing replacement, including all LCA pieces
- Grimmspeed AOS install
- KillerB oil pan/windage tray/pickup
- upgraded injectors
- walbro 655 fuel pump
- BC BR coilovers
- Group N engine & transmission mounts
- AVO underchassis brace
- Invidia catted downpipe
- Cobb cast Stainless catless uppipe
- Stainless braided brake lines
- Hawk HPS rear brake pads w/new stock rotor
- JohnJohn tune & dyno run
- change to 10/40 Mobil 1 synthetic oil, will change to something else at next OCI
- New 35% tint to replace failing tint (dogs are destructive)
- rebuild short block, when the main bearings seized after 15 minutes of runtime

Estimated dyno results are 336/366 at the wheels @ 22psi. Torque is flat from ~4k - 7k redline. "Detuned" to 310/330 @ 19.3.

Mar 2012:
- corner-balance , aggressive street alignment, light roll on rear fenders from TC Motorsports
- Michelin Super Sport 225/40/18 installed on RPF1 18x8 for track use

April 2012 - first rotation on super sports - front to rear
April 2012 - replaced HPS with HPS+. HPS in front were almost bare metal on left side (drivers), right side still had some life but not enough for another event.

May 2012 - 2nd rotation on super sports (x-wise) - PR is brutal on the right front tire. Still running max pressure to prevent rollover.
May 2012 - RPF1 18x9.5 +38 wheels w/Michelin Sport Cup in 275...this was a waste of money. As much as I wanted it to fit, there was not without massive fender work. Sold the tires. Sold the wheels. - pics

July 3, 2012 - replaced the rear control arms with Whiteline KTA124 -
July 5, 2012 - alignment & corner balance to roughly same specs as before (aggressive track with 1 person)
July 5, 2012 - bought a AiM Data Solo2 DL (gps data logger with ECU connection) & GoPro HD with suction cup mount
July 5, 2012 - installed DCT70 & 60 pads front & rear, as well DBA 4000 rotors and Motul 600
July 5, 2012 - bought silver Enkei PF01 17x8 with BFG R1 235/40/17 mounted

much time passes...

End of September 2013 - replace 5mt (5th gear shattered) with brand-new OEM 5mt. Replaced center diff which was nearly locked. Replaced all 4 wheel bearings (the ones that were fried last July) with OEM units (full Subaru warranty). Added Cusco rear chassis braces. Added rear SpecB upper arms. Change oil and send for analysis.
Nov 2, 2013 - catch right front bumper on a curb and pull off right side. Ugh. No real damage until you look underneath, though, mostly the plastic could be heated up and pressed flat again.
Nov 10, 2013 - trade gold RPF1 with 2nd set of Michelin SuperSport for 19" Volk Progressive TE wheels custom powdercoated satin black with Kumho 225/30/19's. Focus's FS thread changed and details were lost. 2 other threads referencing the wheels: and
Nov 2013 - take off Kumho (sidewall failure due to PO high-speed run). Replace with Michelin Pilot A/S 3 225/30/19.
May 2014 - HG finally fail after radiator lower tank leak gets too bad. Was puffing white smoke during slalom runs. Parked it right afterwards.
Dec 2014 - Radiator & HG replacement gets its own thread -
2015 - TGV deletes, higher output injectors, and other "required" upgrades

Track results:
March 2012 -So far only have one autox event on the new setup (with KDW tires). Even with an under-performing fuel pump (now rebuilt and working fine), it was still very fast.
March 2012 - Ridge Motorsports lapping
- replace HPS pads with HPS+ all around, rotors unchanged
April 2012 - Autox
April 2012 - Ridge Motorsports HPDE
- rotate tires - front to rear
May 2012 - Pacific Raceways - personal best of 1:49 with a 100mph cap on the main straight. Finally exceeded the limits of the brakes coming into turn 3 (access road bailout on successive laps)
- rotate tires - x-wise
May 2012 - Pacific Raceways - lapping (4.5 hours total)
May 2012 - Pacific Raceways HPDE
May 2012 - Bremerton all-day autox (Sat) (10 runs) + all-day lapping (Sun) (1:20 total)
June 2012 - Pacific Raceways - lapping
June 2012 - Pacific Raceways - lapping
June 2012 - Bremerton - PCA Skills day
Install Hawk DTC-70 pads on front
June 2012 - The Ridge - lapping
Install used set of Nitto NT-01 all-around
June 2012 - Pacific Raceways - all-day/evening HPDE
need to buy new tires, as NT-01 lasted one day
July 6, 2012 - The Ridge - Turn 2
July 7, 2012 - The Ridge - PCA HPDE - need to come up with a brake cooling solution & a better AOS solution. Boiled the brake fluid in the last session. And ran out of oil in the first session.
Oct 19, 2013 - The Ridge - Turn 2 - Michelin SuperSports with Hawk HPS. Colder temps, averaged 2:20/lap. Brakes were very soft by end of first session.

Next events
2013 is my year for a Spec Miata.

Parts list:
HawkPadsDirect - June 4, 2012
Hawk DTC-70 Front Pads - HB533U.668 - $167.08/set
Hawk DTC-60 Rear Pads - HB434G.543 - $137.90/set

Dyno Chart from tuning after build (Feb 2012)
Pic with Volk Racing wheels installed (Jan 2014)
On track pic is from Audi day at The Ridge on slicks :-)
Pic on alignment rack is 275/30/18 Continental slicks on 18x9.5 +35 Enkei RPF1 SBC
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