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Originally Posted by BAC5.2 View Post
All Legacy coilovers can keep a Legacy at stock height.

We understand your dislike of low Outbacks, but that doesn't help the question or change the opinion of the OP.
I don't dislike low Outbacks, I dislike Outbacks that are approaching "slammed". For the record I also dislike stock Outback height.

Originally Posted by Sublimejoe View Post
You do understand my car is already lowered nearly three inches right? Not only that but my car is already on Legacy suspension, nothing looks to have gone horribly wrong here...
I already said I liked the look of your car. What I don't like is how you've corrected the things I find displeasing on a lowered Outback - wheels with the wrong offset reduce the "turtle shell" look but can't be good for the bearings. If you kept the stock wheels, it would indeed look like something went wrong.

It would look better if the rear wheels didn't move forward as well, but that's just how the suspension aligns when the back is lowered. Not your fault that the wheel is off-centered in the well.