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To back-up what BAC said, I give you visual proof. FMS TMIC on '11 WRX:

I had the precious experience dealing with nearly every LGT tmic short of Hyperflow. The IPR/TS fit like shit and are overpriced.

The FMS TMIC, well, I don't know where to begin.

-Welds looked like a boy scout made them
-Silver paint came from a Crayola set
-Fins were bent
-Burrs and shaving inside the core, shavings and burs meaning nearly chunks and slivers of metal.
-Solicone tubes started to split after four install/reinstalls
-BPV flange was straight cut with no rounded edges
-Machining scores on BPV flange causing unsmooth contact surface
-BPV flange warped
-When tightening the BPV 10mm bolts, one hole is positioned right above and adjacent to a weld, when the bolt hit the weld, it cracked, causing a leak and the requirement of a reweld from a local shop.
-Metal mounting brackets were surface rusted and then sprayed over with black paint causing a flakey paint concern.

Unit could not be returned because it was modified to work in a practical and functional manner. Unit was trashed and a Process West was acquired. In my opinion, this FMS tmic is a slap in the face to Process West because the two are leaps and bounds different from each other

FMS headers

My good friend received an FMS header and the flanges would not line up, they were literally off by 1/4" or more in order to line up with the head studs. Returned, received another, same problem- unit could not be bent or modified or adjusted to fit because the alignment was off by too much. Quality control is non-existant with FMS.
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