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I just replaced the short block on a blown 2000 SOHC2.5 (rod knock), with a mid-90's 2.2 block. I used the 2000's head and intake manifold, and used a head gasket kit for the 2000 2.5.

The only issue is the lack of a stud for the lower starter bolt. I plan on tapping the hole on the transmission bell housing for the lower bolt with an oversized tap (I think 12mm?) and then using an oversize bolt for the lower bolt hole on the starter.

Because I used the original heads and intake manifold, all the electronics carried over. I did move the crank timing belt sprocket from the 2.5 to the 2.2 because the car has a manual tranny and so the sprocket's tabs that are used to read rotation by the crank sensor are different. I also changed the timing belt tensioner bracket so I could use the improved tensioner from the later engine. Of course, I used the camshaft pulleys from the 2.5 that went with the 2.5 heads. I also used the 2.5 block's coolant "arch" that mounts on top of the block, because it uses a different temp sensor, and only has one instead of 2 temp sensors.

It all bolted up just fine and seems to be running fine.

The hybrid engine will have lower compression than the 2.5 did because of the shorter stroke and slightly smaller bore. However, the ECU from the 2000 should have no problem adjusting the fuel/air mixture to produce the proper richness for the engine.

I have read that one guy that did this has over 60K on his modified engine.

I hope this helps....

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