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they primarily have a niche market among "professional gamers" and that crowd, but unfortunately because of that some people think it's just a scam.

but the company specializes in computer and gaming eyewear, they now also offer sunglasses and 3D products as well. their signature lens is one that features a yellow tint with a robust anti-reflective coating. helps with glare and to some extent fatigue in certain individuals. the yellow tint helps to also improve contrast and shifts the incoming light/images closer toward the peak photopic sensitivity of the human eye (which is typically around a wavelength of 550nm IIRC, essentially in the yellow color spectrum)

the lenses come in plano (no prescription power) or if you are a glasses wearer, the prescription eyewear is manufactured by zeiss ophthalmic, so the lenses are very high quality. interesting concept, not for everyone. but there is some validity to the product. if your work environment involves being on the computer all day it's worth a look, if not even just a pair of prescription computer glasses with clear lenses can make a difference. for iv_05gt, i suspect they help him with glare and some aberrations at night time primarily due to the anti-reflective coating.

that post just sounds like a shameless plug for gunnar, haha but actually i'm an eye doctor and just wanted to clarify some confusion that surrounds that product often.

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