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oh no, whats goin on
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so I removed some of the FMIC piping to apply the spray on bed liner stuff over the metal I trimmed. Put everything back together. start the car and let it warm up while I posted in the "what did you do your your fourth gen today" thread. come back outside, get in the car. and pull out of the driveway and get into boost to make sure I don't have any leaks. I hit full boost, 18, and then the motor died. Really quickly.

Pulled over, tried to turn the car over again. Started right up, and died. If I tap the gas with my foot while its on, it will stay running for a few more seconds and then die. I'm trying to retrace my steps here.

All of the piping is on as it should be. The car hit full boost as I was pulling out of my driveway. There are no funny noises or CELs on when I get the car running, until it eventually dies seconds later. Car has oil in it.
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