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Originally Posted by Mike Michaels View Post
2011 2.5i base. About three weeks ago I pulled into a gas station to fill up a canister for my garden tractor. I decided I would top off the Subie but when I pulled the gas door release lever the door didn't pop open. I took it to the dealer who reported a broken spring. Took them three days to get one and replace it under warranty. Fast forward one week. I get a flat tire from a nail in the sidewall. Go to a tire shop and they say since the tires are 7/32 that Subaru requires me to replace all four. Go to Subaru dealer closest to my work who says same thing. Car has 16k miles and Subaru insists on four new tires because new tires have 10/32 tread versus 7/32 of my remaining three. "it's because of the AWD" they said. BS. I drove a Wrangler for ten years and I know all about tire sizes and transaxles. I called the dealer I bought the car from and they said "not a problem at 7/32" except there were no Turanza EL400's anywhere locally. It took a week for one to arrive on order and they charged me $25 to install it. The tire itself was $145! Not any cheaper anywhere else. Total bill: $182. Really not happy with Subaru right now although I love the car.
That was a great excuse to sell three turdanza's on craig's list and buy new treads. Many other four wheel drive cars a purely mechanical. Subaru has sensors on each wheel that determines wheel spin.