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Originally Posted by Bolksey85 View Post
So you're saying what a multiple time race winner says about brakes is wrong? And that everyone else who has the OEM booster and master but upgraded lines, pads and rotors is doing it wrong?
i want to make sure we are on the same page bolk, but i am refering to pedal feel, removing the intial mush, pedal pressure, and modulation, not braking performance(what white suggested WILL improve performance, you can do more laps with better brake performance as things start to heat up).

Exactly what im saying, no offense to white, but he wouldnt be the first time race winner that may have been behind the ball on a certain subject. What he suggested will provide the performance benefit you want, but not the pedal pressure, feel, and modulation that you know you are lacking.

Look im sure you respect whites opinion, and for good reason. But in this case hes wrong.

Or hey, if you think im wrong, prove how upgradeing to the sti units doesnt improve the feel and pedal. Im all ears.

Ill be glad to explain why a pad change and fluid flush has negligable gains when it comes to improving "mush".

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