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Originally Posted by BigTDogg (MA) View Post
I'd add:

  • Flush brake fluid every 2 years on a street driven car, once a year on an occasionally tracked car.
  • Clean air filter and MAF every oil change, replace per FMS if using OEM.
For the DRLs, I disabled mine so I could run HIDs. I also wired my fogs so they work with parking lights, so I use them as my DRLs if the conditions warrant it. The 05-06 DRL is dangerous IMHO, saw a 2.5 owner driving at 7pm with just DRLs on. Tough to tell with the illuminated dash.

I think DRLs are some of those idiot functions car companies are adding in now. I'd like to see one where they give the driver a small electrical shock when they change lanes without signaling. The more expensive the car, the bigger the shock. So the asshole that cut me off this morning in a CLS63 would have had is ass fried.
Running DRL's reduces accident rates by 11%. It's the cheapest safety feature a car company can add.

How subi did it in our years wasn't helpful to bulb life. Other cars I've driven had a low/high beam DRL's. Using the night lights instead was a bad design.