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Originally Posted by 05COLEGGT View Post
Not sure what you mean by ugly? With the cover on you can tell anything was done to the TMIC..

I got the 3/8" channel from lowes. All you need is one piece as its enough to cut into the 4 smaller pieces. I also used low profile nuts and bolts from lowes as well and it worked perfectly. No need to trim anything on the cover. One thing I also did differently is I only trimmed down the side of the channel that sits on top of the plastic end tanks. The other side snugs down nicely on the IC core for a nice smooth appearance.

Here's a pic of what I'm talking about
A BP TMIC Mod Kit built to spec has both sides trimmed, but to different lengths. They are not equal. The one on the plastic side is, as you noted, trimmed so that the U-ch sits fully onto the seam. The IC side is trimmed to allow airflow to the entire core. No harm will come from leaving it longer, but it will remove a small percentage of efficiency.

Good work, 05COLEGGT!. Variations here and there by those who built their own, or modified pre-made Kits, contributed to the design. Frankly, given the work it takes to shorten a side, if leaving one side at "stock" length gets your TMIC reinforced I consider that a definite WIN.

The plans are available to anyone who wants them. It works beyond ANY criticism, as Saul_Good has proven. No TMIC, regardless of boost has or will fail once Modded properly. There will always be detractors no matter the subject, but also as always, Time Will Tell. This mod works. Period.

That said:

Maybe this isn't the place, but it's here... I don't know what has happened to relative to comportment. It isn't the website I joined or was once proud to reference as an example of an intelligent, civil contrast to NastySocks. Thankfully, although I'm sure it will also devolve into the slums, moderators would have removed the post by W R and admonished others to stay on topic. Such is life.