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when i had the 360 and the h650 i had some boston components (the pro's) and i just hated the processors for different reasons. the h650 i hated how you couldn't change shit on it, and i didn't at all care for the set it made for my car. the 360 i didn't care for because i had one of the first revs and it would not talk to a laptop period. if you were able to get it linked you'd make one change and it'd lock it out. so i had to tune on a pda and that's just a nightmare trying to pick one band out of 20 to 30 on a little 3 inch diagonal screen. quality from fosgate like always i suppose.

for right now... i am only semi active. my 6.5 is active while my 3 and 1 are not. personally i don't know anyone around here that has ran active and just reading what folks use and such for settings isn't enough to make me feel comfortable enough to throw a 1000 dollar plus set of components into a "test" lol. so instead of screwing up royal i'm letting the cross over do the work for me and surprisingly enough i'm pleased with how they sound. they get plenty loud and i don't even have them pushed as hard as they can go (amp and processor).

appreciate the advice for the pillars, i actually didn't read this until i got home today... and well i already glassed them lol. the fleece did start to lift in a few places but it's not a big issue i can fix it. the chop mat i picked up was all sorts of stiff and wouldn't separate like the crap i used about 6 or 7 years ago lol. so i pretty much hit the spots where i felt would be weakest and fingers crossed the fleece and resin will hold up alright. i figured since the 3 and 1 don't weigh anything it should be alright... if it was a sub then i'd worry.

i've ran the focals in those little pods sitting on my dash for about a year because i was too lazy and unmotivated to finish my install lol. they didn't sound bad there, you'd notice a few things here and there... but it was never anything terrible. lately i've noticed some shitty reverberations or odd ass sounds coming from the 3's and nothing has really changed (started a few months before i restarted the install). i may have to send the things in if they still sound like they do after they are in the pillars. i've got a feeling it's the pods themselves causing the problem, but at the same time i doubt focal would send those out if they were bad for the speakers.

oh and on the bitone, almost all my eq stuff is straight up flat... i really love it. the only thing that's not right now is the sub and that was just to squeeze out a bit more umph from the audison amp to just run the single 12 for a while.