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05 GT 5 spd: 10k.....heres the story.
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so Ive been emailing this guy at the dealership since before thanksgiving
. the car I'm looking at has 120k miles, and according to service records hasn't had the turbo rebuilt, or the timing belt replaced (jeez). I know for a fact both will need to be done. REgardless, I go down to test drive the car.

romp on it for ten minutes or so, car feels strong, it'll need a new clutch, but i was expecting that anyway. i start to smell smoke.

I revv it a few times (after its up to heat, of course) in the lot, and pop the hood: smoke billows out of the turbo. that settles that

the guy at the dealership says its not a problem, and they'll install a BRAND NEW TURBO, with no increase in price, contingent upon purchase. I'm all but completely sold.

What else should i be worried about with turbo install?
Should I demand/reccommend that they bring car to subbie dealer (its chevy car shop)
while the car is pulled apart, should i have the mechanics looks into/diagnostic anything else?

thanks in advance guys.
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