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Custom Door Cards

Originally by Lookatmyrust. Post can be found here

Ok in this DIY you will be changing the leather/suede in the door inlays that Subaru kindly made so easy and simple to do.

Tools Needed:
#2 philip screw driver.....magnetic if possible
Flat head screw driver
Hot glue
hot glue gun
and your choice of fabric or vinyl*

***keep the fabric under 2mm think to make it easier on yourself, and for vinyl, things like 3M carbon Fiber Film would be perfect but very spendy, you would

need 48x36inches i believe for vinyl because you dont need the extra to glue behind.

48x48 of fabric

on to start you need to take of all the door cards/panels.

this is done by using your flat head to pop of the little grey circle thing covering the screw, its located within the area you grab to unlock the door/open. the other screw in behind another cover toward the center of the whole door panel, on the area you pull to shut the door.

CARE removing the screws as the lower one tends to want to fall inside the door. best get a magnetic screw driver.

Now the door panel is still conected to the door in many places. they are "pop screws" you can take you flat head and pry the door panel away from the doors. you pry around the door jams and bottom and hinge.

there are about 7 pops i think, once that done the door panel is "hanging" on the top around the door, the chassi of the door. ill have video of this tricky part

to remove you must hold the door latch open and kinda hinge and life the door panel of the door chassi and off the door unlock/unlatch handle. its very hard to explain and a video is very needed.

i forgot the mention that on the front doors you gotta remove the tweeter to be albe to move the door panel up and off the door chassi. you do this buy prying it of the door. first the grill/cover, then the tweeter itself its attach with 3 plastic things that stick into rubber grommets.

once the door panel is off you have to disconnect plugs and such as needed. the bottom wire is for the light that lights up the ground at night when the door is open, its very hard to remove so i dont remove it..

you are far enough to unscrew what we want, the inlay, there are many gold colored screws that hold it in from the back. there is one behind the white foam. just poke though it and remove the the screw. to find it just pry on the foam and peek to find it.

do that for all the doors(2 hours at least)

now for the fun part. kinda..

Lay the panels out on your fabric ot vinyl.

for fabric have at least and inch hang over. 1.5 is best to be safe

vinyl. a inch at most. half inch at least

each panel is different. the only thing the same about them is that the front and rear pairs will be the same shape, just flipped. its just better to cut each one out for each and keep it with each.

Start in the middle, we are basically streching it over the piece in a way the it dont make any wrinkles. and make sure you dont mess up the ends. like glue it wrong from the start so a corner dont have any fabric.

BE VERY CAREFUL TO NOT GET GLUE ON THE FRONT SIDE< YOU CAN NOT GET IT OUT. and with the constant flipping its very easy to do. trust me.

ilike to tack the end up so they dont fly around when flipping the peice back and forth to check the tension of the fabric

once that done just slow work your way from the middle out.

i will have video soon too.
finished piece

install in reverse. have video of the panel going back on too. less tricky but still tricky.

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