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Originally Posted by Alex-->TheGreek View Post
Aicka is a beatiful dog my friend, take good care of her and enjoy her!

One of my smaller 'dreams' is to get a German Shepherd and will be the first thing i do as soon as i move out of the apartment!
Now i realized why you need the Touring Wagon Legacy...
I'am gonna have some issues fitting a dog like that in my sedan right?

The situation in Cyprus, i'am a Greek-Cypriot, is nowhere near as tragic as in Greece, at least not yet.... But still we do have a relatively high level of unemployment, especially in the 18-30 age group, the goverment has allready started cutting costs, they are talking about raising the VAT etc etc....

The situation does not allow for optimism for at least the near future, i myself have finished my post-graduate degree in the summer and i'am currently unemployed.... .
The most positive thing for Cyprus though, is the presence of a great amount of natural gas and oil inside the sea borders of Cyprus, and this ensures that the future will bring many good things to the country.

How is the current crisis affecting Holland and your city if you don't mind me asking?
Great you like Aicka. I'll tell her someone from Cyprus thinks she's great. That'll do her good!
Indeed...fitting a German Shepherd into the trunk of your sedan...would be...

Glad to read you're optimistic about the future of Cyprus!
Optimism is one of the characteristics greatly needed to overcome any despression, also an economical one. Luckily Cyprus isn't hit directly by the negative effects of things going on in Europe (these are the kind of sentenses I shouldn't actually English is good enough for everyday talks...but not much more...)

Here in the Netherlands we manage good. Dutch people tend to complain a lot, but we're still one of the richest countries in Europe. The economy is not great a the moment, but buildings are being build, roads are being repaired and restaurants are still full. it's good enough for most people to live their live as usual.