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Fog Lights On With Parking Lights

Originally posted by Zues Marine here.

Tools needed:
  • 10mm Socket
  • Wire Clippers
  • Quick Wire Connectors or soldering gun

Difficulty: 3/10

  • This guide shows you how to wire your fogs to run whenever your parking lights do, as far as i know this is an illegal mod in all states so do this at your own risk.


Step One:
  • Trace the wires from your fog lights back around 6" and cut them so you have a good amount of wire to work with. Strip the ends of the wire about .3" you can now pull or hide the wiring from your OEM switch as you will not be needing it afterwards.
Step Two:
  • Unbolt the three 10mm bolts securing the headlight to the radiator support

Step Three:
  • Pull out the headlight at an angle, be careful not to pull to hard, as the the rod near the turn sigle is somewhat delicate

Step Four:

  • Rotate the turn signal counter clockwise to disengage from the headlight and let the bulb hang over your bumper

Step Five:

  • Run a length of wire from the turn signal bulb to the wires you stripped from the fogs. connect the wires and thread them through to your signals

Step Six:

  • Using your quick connectors, tap into the parking signal wires like this: (blue connectors in the picture)
Driver's Side:
fog wire purple tapped into parking light red
fog wire black tapped into parking light black

Pass. Side:

fog wire green to parking light red
fog wire black to parking light black

Step Seven:

  • Test, clean up the wires, reassemble and enjoy

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