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Short Shifter Install

Originally posted by Zues Marine here.

Saw some of you having trouble or questions so here ya go

Diy using a B&M Short shift kit

Shifter Side-by-side


Thats a KartBoy bushing but its identical to the B&M

The front bushing wasn't in bad shape but I replaced them with the B&M that came with the kit..

This is also a Kartboy bushing but identical to B&M (i am just using this for reference)

Now the whole process wasn't to bad except for the fact that the B&M kit did not come with a shifter retaining clip!!!!!!!!!!

It comes with everything else but not something that costs 10 cents!!

This is do-it-yourself if you have the right tools. This job was pretty easy since we were using a hoist but it is 100% possible to do this in your garage.

When you purchase the B&M kit it gives you a pretty decent description step-by-step of what to do.


Remove center console

Remove bracket holding dust boot (6 screws)

Unscrew the shift knob

Un-bolt the upper linkage from the shifter

Drop Exhaust

Drop the exhaust shield

Drop the mid drive shaft support (optional for more room)

Un-bolt lower linkage from shifter

Remove retaining ring clip w/ proper puller tool

Pull out rear shifter linkage from the rear shifter mount

Remove the rear shifter mount

Remove the front shifter mount from the linkage (push it out w/ end of hammer)

Replace front shifter mount (push it in with your fingers left/right bushing)

Replace rear shifter mount

Remove the shifter

Replace the shifter w/ new grease

Reconnect everything

The only thing that seemed strange was the metal bracket holding the dust boot had to be installed backwards and only 4 screws can be used.

Theres a few little steps I didn't mention but the step-by-step w/ the kit will explain.

Heres also the legacy guide for a 97' I am sure its the same as 95-99.

Final thought.

Its night and day! The shifts are 70% shorter IMO and there is 5% play with the shifter while in gear no wobble no nothing!

You can't beat the quality of the product!

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