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Carbon Fiber Gauge Face and Color Change

Originally posted by Zeus Marine here.

Phillips Screwdriver
Flat-Blade Screwdriver
Push Pins
220-400 Grit Sandpaper
Xacto Knife/ Scissors
Colored Sharpie
1-2 Feet of 'Clear Carbon Fiber Vinyl' - Found Here

[1.] to begin, take the needles off your gauges:

~before you remove the needles for the speedo, tach, and, water temp lift them enough to slip them past the little stoppers let the needles hang free

~remember where they hang down to so when to go to put them back in you wont have to guess as much to get them back into reading correctly.

~when you go to put the needles back in it'll take a little force to get them seated properly

~to check to see if you've gotten them back in alignment for the 5spd ~31 mph is redline ~6250rpm for the L in 1st

~~I used this method to pop off the needles (carefully, of course)

~taking a flat head screwdriver, use the edge of the bezel as leverage to push up the needle as you pull em off with your other hand

[2.] remove the 2 screws to access your gauge, if you havent sanded and colored the back to change your dash colors, now would be a good time to do so...

* NOTE: you need to decide now if you want your carbon fiber boxes to go vertically up and down the gauges, or horizontally across them(i chose vertically) after you decide, make sure you pay attention to your choice throughout the following steps!!

[3.] lay out your vinyl face down make sure its goiing the same direction you chose. and trace around your gauge leaving about .25" of clearance

[4.] Lay your gauge atop the freshly cut-out piece to make sure that it will cover it all... BEFORE YOU UN-STICK IT!

(it fits, the paper's just curved)

[5.] flip over your gauge and lay it on a roomy table or something of that nature, remove the vinyl, (be careful not to load it with fingerprints),take time to make sure that the boxes on the vinyl are straight vertically or horizontally. you dont want it to be crooked, trust me. when you feel its right, delicately lay it on your gauge.

[6.] take the time to smooth out the vinyl on your gauges very well, the better you rub it in, the better it'll look. i just used the back of my fingernail, it seemed to work

[7.] now find something safe to cut on, i used a brownie box. mmmm... and use a box or xacto knife to cut the excess away. note the knife is actually amidst the colors to the right of the picture

[8.]im sure by now you know to remove any bubbles by popping the with a thumbtack or sewing neeedle but if you didnt, now you do, poke and squish, but now you need to make the screw holes, the tach hole, and the tach stopper holes.. just poke them out with a thumbtack.

[9.] reinstall your gauges to the bezel when you're all done

[10.] before you put the dash back together, take the gauge cluster without the clear cover and trim and hook it up to your car.. take a drive and take time to adjust your speed / rpms
[11.]put everything back together and enjoy!!

horrible pic, light is spread even, i'll get a better pic soon