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JDM Projector Headlight Install

Original thread can be found by "warrior" on SL-i at this link

Disconnect negative terminal from battery
• There are no removal instructions or assembly instructions as those should already be straight forward.
• There are four bolts to remove the USDM Headlights and only three to mount the JDM Headlights
• To remove the grill; use a flat screw driver to push the centre lever between the clips down until you hear a 'click'. The plastic lever stays down and this will allow you to remove the whole clip from the frame. The clips come off from the frame and stay mounted to the grill.

Part 1: USDM Electrical Wires Explained

Driver Side
Red = High Beam
Red/Blue = Power
Yellow/Blue = Low Beam

Passenger Side
Red = High Beam
Black/Yellow = Power
Yellow/Blue = Low Beam

Part 2: JDM Electrical Wires Explained

The wires are identical for both driver/passenger side. These really don't need an explanation as you can trace the wires yourself to see which one goes where.
Red = Power (This wire goes to both high/low beam bulbs)
Blue = City Light. (I did not hook this up as I did not have any use for it. I believe this is also their Daytime Running Light. This is paired with the low beam wire.)
White = High Beam (Only goes to the high beam bulb)
Black = Low Beam (Only goes to the low beam bulb)

Looking directly at the connector with the prongs facing you and the tab/clip on top, the wires are as follow.

Top Left = High Beam
Bottom Left = Power
Top Right = City Light
Bottom Right = Low Beam

Part 3: Splicing

My JDM Projectors did not come with the OEM wiring harness. This doesn't make it any more difficult as you could just splice the wires directly to your stock lighting wires, but I wanted the ability to remove my headlights if I ever needed too. These were purchased from Canadian Tire for $4 each. They didn't have a 3 or 4 prong harness and I purchased two different ones so I wouldn't confuse wiring.

This is pretty straight forward. It doesn't matter what wires you use on your new harness (if you chose to go this route) as long as they match up on the other end. If your JDM Projector lights came with the complete harness, you can skip this step and solder the wires to your stock wires.
Don't know how to solder?

Do the same on the stock wiring using picture 01 for reference.

Part 4: Turn Signal Fix

The JDM socket will not work with your USDM turn signals. It is a single filament bulb whereas the USDM ones are a dual filament. This fix requires an exacto knife and 30 seconds. There are four notches surrounding the bulb socket; three of them are the same size and align perfectly. The fourth one is slightly larger in the USDM side.
Take an exacto knife (BE CAREFUL!) or a dremel; whatever you prefer and take out like 1/16th of an inch on both sides. Along the red lines as shown in the picture. This will be done on your USDM socket, the JDM is of no use to you.

With the plastic notch shortened, it fits perfectly into the JDM Lights allowing your signals to work with your upgraded lights.

Three wire turn signal inside JDM head lights.

The bulbs that I got with these lights were crap so I will be buying some Xtra Visions tomorrow. The cut off is really nice though there isn't much light output due to the shit bulbs. The driver side projector lens can be adjusted horizontally a great deal to avoid blinding oncoming traffic. However, the passenger side is limited. Overall, this took me about one hour to do, it wasn't difficult at all, just soldering and attention to detail was time consuming.

Good luck and hope this helps!!

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