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Originally Posted by Kenpachi View Post
Fill to bottom of fill hole. Warm fluid to 95-113F while cycling through PRND with engine idling to circulate fluid. Add fluid if necessary to maintain fluid level. Replace fill plug (and new gasket) when done.

I see no mention in the service manual of a computer reset or calibration after fluid replacement, but perhaps I'm just missing it.
Is it a top mounted fill plug by chance? Wishful thinking I'd imagine.

I know on the 'dipstickless' ATs I've serviced, the drain and fill/level check plugs are both bottom mounted- essentially like two drains.

You either have to buy a hand pump and pump your BAWLZ off, or cobble together a system to pressurize your container of ATF (like I have) to push it up into the pan/case.

When I do them, to reduce the chance of 'thermal expansion' of the fluid, I'll drain the old ATF when the vehicle is cold, measure the amount I drained out, then add the exact amount of new room temperature ATF.