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Oil leak in cylinder block cast (Pics)
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I have an 03 Gt and it had an oil leak coming from the front of the engine, it leaked all over the exhaust and smoked quite a bit so I decided to take care of it. I assumed it was the oil pump o-ring or front crank seal, so I replaced them both and resealed the oil pump. I left the timing belt cover off and was checking for leaks after I finished and it was still leaking

After drying it off a bunch of times i determined that it was not leaking from the pump, it was leaking just to the left of the pump out of the cylinder or "case half". I took powder (hot coco powder mix to be exact, I ate the left over) and put it in the area too see where it was sticking and washing off and found an extremely tiny pinhole or defect in the cast. It must be in a pressurized oil galley because it leaks alot more at high rpm. I couldn't even see the hole or defect or whatever you want to call it. Either way I cleaned it up, roughed the surface, cleaned it again and got out the JB weld.

I assume it has been there since new, Seems to be holding up so far!

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