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Originally Posted by ktmrider View Post
Don't forget to check the oil pickup tube for cracks! Lot of threads, use "Killer B" for keyword.

Turbo failures usually come with P0011 when the banjo bolt screen clogs. Getting both 11 and 21 and decent oil level/cleanliness would have me dropping the pan ASAP or at least before the turbo is replaced and run.
Thanks for the advice about the oil pickup tube.

I dropped the oil pan tonight, but found the oil pickup to be in surprisingly good shape. It didn't have the ugly brazing and associated cracks like I saw on killerb's website photos. I did find one metal debris 0.5mm wide x 10mm long inside the oil pickup basket, but the rest of the oil pan looked clean.

In any case, an Ultimate Oil Pickup and new OCV's are coming via UPS tomorrow. I don't ever want to drop the oil pan or see these codes again, and I'll be sure to keep the oil level above the L mark after this.