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Originally Posted by ChasWG View Post
Blizzard, where did you get your HKS Snorkel thingie from?

Also, I doubt that snorkel will effect the MAF readings because it lives after the filter. The filter helps balance out everything. It can only flow as much as that given filter can flow. Just because there is more air available on the dirty side of the filter doesn't effect the clean side flow. The filter is the gate keeper of sorts. Thus the warnings from COBB about using K&N filters. Those filters have been causing issues with MAFs for years. A lot of the time it has to do with the oil on the filter getting onto the hot wire and jacking it up. But in this case it seems like the filter is flowing too well to be used with these cars. Thus jacking with the readings from the MAF.
I mentioned the MAF because the 2011 STI's have the same intake setup we do and Mike at Innovative tuned one this winter where the owner had taken off the silencer and it was messing with the MAF readings. Then again Rutchard had his off when Mike did a stage 1 pro-tune so I'm not really sure what to think.

I learned about the oiled air filter issues a long time ago with fbodys. People would run K&N's and their MAF would act up after awhile, so it kind of became common knowledge. I run strictly Wix paper filters in that car now.

Originally Posted by lamby View Post
ugh, i just spend $20 for that clip removing tool. why didnt i think to check harbor freight first!?
Don't feel too bad. It was part of a 6 tool kit or something that was $15 from Harbor Freight.