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Hindsight is 20/20
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Thanks for starting this post. Unfortunately, I didn't have the inspiration to search the proper keywords to find this post weeks ago, when I started getting constant Check Engine lights and the burnt rubber smell at 100K. I had pulled a P0021 code 9 months ago at 95K, but it stayed away until recently. 100K, the MIL would flash and never clear even after the requisite # of driving cycles.

Well, one blown turbo later, and I can check off every warning flag that you listed:
  • I smell burnt rubber after getting out of the car.
  • Light misfire just before MIL turns on, and can happen under or off load. But I incorrectly attributed these to the ECU changing modes just before/after turning on the MIL (and perhaps changing fuel maps).
  • I got P0011 and P0021 codes, but I didn't pull them until *after* the turbo went.
  • MIL light stays on and doesn't clear.
  • Turbo dies.
  • My oil level was at the "L" mark, but I didn't find this out until *after* the turbo went.

The banjo bolt filter had some very small grains of sediment on the screen, but I wouldn't call it even close to clogged. The Valvoline full synthetic oil is dark but very clean (no sludge formation).

I'll have to blame the turbo failure on the 100K mileage and hit-or-miss IHI quality control. I'll reserve judgment on the OCV until I pull it out for a closer look and clean it like you suggested at the beginning of this writeup.