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Hi there!

It's been a while. I've been quite busy at work, but I also did a lot of mods.
For some of them I found a lot of help on this forum again. Thanks!!!

The car is back at it's original hight in the rear. I only lowered the front a bit.
None of the three sets of springs I tried seemed to lower the car properly, so I went with the most 'stockish' springs at the front of the car. She sits perfectly even now.

Installed a Parrot MKi 9200 bluetooth carkit.

Upgraded rear speakers with Alphine 2-way speakers.

Later I made a 'tube' to make up for the lost bass.

Installed a Alpha Motorsports Rigid gear knob (from Japan) Really like the looks of it. It's small and no-nonsense and that's exactly how I like it.

DIY STI replica grille and front bumper lip installed:

I installed a Whiteline 20mm adjustable swaybar in the rear and a Whiteline ALK in front.

A few weeks later I mounted a Cusco stabilizer bar in the front

...and later I also did the back.

I removed the resonator from the stock exhaust.

A piece of advice. Don't now how they're called in English, but these work great to adjust exhaust tips:

The HKS Silent Hi-Power exhausts are a lot louder now and I really like it.
Finally these Japanese beauties get the attention they deserve. Because it's no GT they are still 'wife aproved' and as long as I don't go full throttle through tunnels...she even likes the sound of it.

Off course my iPhone had to suffer another ride underneath the rear bumper.

Current project: HKS Super Power Flow especially designed for the 2.0R

I only have to adjust the MAF adapter.
My car has the newer 'slot type' MAF sensor, so it doesn't fit the 'Denso MAF' flange. Right flange ordered / aluminium welder found / GrimmSpeed MAF flange plug ordered. An install is nearby.


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