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Originally Posted by mannycast View Post
Anybody give me an idea on what I should be paying to have all installed?
It would have taken me about 3 hours total to do the job in my garage with jack stands and hand tools except the lower rear strut bolts were a major pita (they wouldn't come off even with a breaker bar, 3 foot cheater pipe and being soaked overnight with PBBlaster...I finally had to heat the nut with a torch and then it came off within 30 seconds). A professional with air tools and a lift should be able to do it in about 2 hours or less I would guess.

Originally Posted by ChasWG View Post
I was going to say the same thing as Mike (mannycast) did. When I look at my car sitting in my very level garage, it appears to have a slight forward rake in it's stock form. Maybe it is just pronounced because of the fender arches getting closer to the tops of the tires. Maybe...
I thought of this too. Maybe the lowering springs just accentuate the rake that is already present. Maybe someone with a stock height 3.6 could check on that.