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Originally Posted by Seth1784 View Post
pretty sure someone has tried the dual havc as well... want to say it was the folks that were doing the headunit conversions. i could be wrong on that since my brain is exhausted from yesterday, but i'm almost positive someone else tried it and it didn't work.

i don't understand why you don't just order what everyone else is that is proven to work. there doesn't appear to be a look change from the thing so why do you feel the "need" to have the other model? the controls in the one linked in the first post looks just fine in the car. it appears to look more like the 07+ controls and not like the 05/06 styled controls. which if you ask me... it's better that way.
Based on looks alone it's exactly the same as the 04+ model. I emailed AVOjdm about it so I'll post their reponse when I hear back from them. I read though just about every page of this thread back in May prior to placing my order. I came across the 07+ version, and after comparing it to the 04+ version I decided to take a chance on it. I figured it was just a refresh of sorts for the 04+, and plus I have the SI drive and dual HVAC so it made sense to me. I'm pretty confident the differences (if any) are minimal, but of course I could be wrong. If there are differences and it still works then I will be tossing a post up to share. If it doesn't work I'll be posting about that as well as I spend some money to straighten everything out . If I was back home I would've already posted pictures and probably should have when I was home on R&R, but I didn't have time. I'll definitely keep everyone posted on how the install turns out.