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Lots of bickering here, some good information, some not so good. Oh, and BTW, the TMIC on the Z06 is a Bell core which measures 24"x6"x12" and flows enough for 2100HP, but only if you're driving on the moon for the reduced gravity No? FunnyFail?

The whole TMIC idea baffles me. I get it Subaru, a hood scoop is "cool" but that is the shittiest place to put an IC of any type. Heat rises, and placing the TMIC near the turbo and dowpipe and hot engine is stupid. Of course heatsoak will be an issue with this location.

I'll say this though: Heatsoaked situations aside, pretty much any bar and plate TMIC will out-flow and out-cool the stocker. The larger the ∆T the better. The smaller the ∆P the better. I don't really understand what is so hard to grasp about this? The IC is a resistor to flow. The lower the ∆P the better it flows, the more power you will make. The larger the ∆T the cooler your intake temps, the more power you will make. Because the inlet temp to the IC will be constant, the IC that has a larger differential is the better IC from a thermal standpoint. Without measuring pressure and temperature before and after the IC, nothing can be proved about which is a better IC. But in my experiences on other turbo powertrains, there is no chance an aftermarket IC won't flow and cool better than the stock application it is intended to replace. Period, nothing else to it.

If you spend time in bumper to bumper traffic or multiple stop lights, then your aftermarket IC will heat soak, and eventually, so will your stocker. I don't have any data on that, but in theory it makes sense, because the OEM IC is smaller and has thermoplastic endtanks, which don't conduct heat like AL does.

Oh, and data isn't for people who can't think; it's for people who DO think. Engineers and scientists, you know? Mr. Empirical Data hands Mr. Theory his ass, 10 out of 10 times in the real world.

For me, personally since I won't be going higher than Stage 2, I'm doing the BPTMIC mod. I can't afford the cost of an aftermarket TMIC on my DD, and as long as the stocker doesn't blow apart, I can't justify the need for it, to myself. I'll probably only hit full boost twice ever, I just want to be tuned for when I do. Eventually, if/when I rebuild the engine and get a bigger turbo, I'll get a FMIC, because as I stated, the TMIC is stupid.