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Tuned beyond stage 3, blew the tranny and lost 3rd gear - 255awhp/285tq 2008 LGT 5EAT
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At 73k I took my car to EFI Logic in Bethel, CT... Pete there did a phenominal job tuning my car.

At 73.5k I entered my car into the NER 1500 mile rally, awesome 0-60, awesome tune... went from (Mustang dyno) 230awhp to 255awhp, from 230 torque to 285... (sucks the 5EAT eats so much power at the interface)...

Spirited driving all around, broke some new personal records, and I was pleased as punch at the conclusion that my car performed and hung in there so well.

At 75k I bring the car home, and begin work on repairing parts that failed during the rally... an axle, windscreen, TMPS sensor, repaint the nose, replace various plastic bits that fell off the underside, etc.

In 5 days I have an appointment at Bertera Subaru in Hartford, CT to do a complete 5EAT flush with the better Subaru ATF specifically for the 5EAT.

Last night I replace the axle on the passenger front and it got rid of the grinding noise I had in low gear (cv boot split open and sprayed grease all over the control arm and DP)

I believe I am starting to hear the 'wah-wah-wah' of a wearing wheel bearing, but I'm not sure which one it is yet.

Now I've noticed (since the CV boot first broke, and even post axle replacement) that the steering wheel hops wildly at 3500-3700 rpms in 3rd gear.

1st gear 0-redline, perfect
2nd gear shifts into perfect, shift to red line perfect
3rd gear (if throttle over 50% 0-3499 rpms fine, 3500-3750 steering wheel hops) 3751-redline perfect
4th gear - perfect
5th gear - perfect
reverse - perfect

As posted above, I have a transmission flush due in 5 days for a complete system change and then I plan to do a drain and fill every 10k after.

Diffs are untouched... stock oem and I've never checked fluid or anything, but dealership did it at 30k and then again at 60k. I was planning on draining these and putting in motul's synthetic gear oil specifically for our diffs.

Any ideas what can cause such a wild vibration and steering wheel bounce? It really jumps up and down, but only in that range and once you pass 3750 it smooths out like butter

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