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Paddle Shifters : Do You Like Them?
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This is the first car that has paddle shifters: 2010 2.5iPrem. Legacy. I don't drive the car to frequently ( I have to "steal" it from my son), but I like that they are there. I use them sometimes either in D mode or in Manual mode, when I'm felling frisky..I do ike the way they perform while in D mode, use them and within seconds depending on the driving scenario, the tranny switches back to D mode. Seems to give greater degree of control even with a CVT tranny.

PS: I'm thinking of dding them to my 2010 G37X which has a 7 speed AT that is a PIA... Too jerky, too much gear hunting, and many times too Hesitant. Also on given days under certain driving conditions due to the Adaptive Driver Control module in the ECU, hard downshifts and poor Stop and Go response with harsh downshifts and coasting to a stop issues. Newer is not Always Better.....My 07 G35X with a 5speed AT was much more responsive and less quirky..
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