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Thermostat gauge fluctuating today in this hot weather :(
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So its 96 Degrees here in Fl like it has been the past two months, but today my thermostat temp. was fluctuating like crazy.

I noticed it when I was parked with the a/c cranking at idle for no more than 7 minutes and my temp gauge was sitting just under notch right before the "red zone". I started to drive in stop and go traffic and the needle would pretty much bounce. While im driving 40+ mph, it would drop to its normal operating temp that I usually see (which is right before the 1/2 way mark). When I'm stopped, the needle would get to that high notch again. It never hits the red zone but this was defiantly unusual. I checked and I was still topped off with coolant.

I had a rad flush does less than 2k miles with Subaru coolant along with my T-belt job ( I'm at 106k stage 2) However I never changed my Thermostat in the water pump housing.

I'm thinking my radiator is giving up on me, so I'll probably replace it, but I want something that's a little larger, any Idea's ? I've seen a Mishimoto for $255
I already going to put a thermostat on order.

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