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How to: Installing your Fast Motorsports FMIC
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Contact Joshua at Import Image Racing to order yours today. Hes been great helping me so far and ships really fast.

Continue my most up to date build log here:

I would set aside about 4-6 hours for the full job, sadly i dont have an engine right now so i couldnt finish today but will finish the complete how to once i run the piping.

Full Set of metric sockets and ratchet
Cutoff wheel or sawzall
flat head screw driver
Angle grinder

Step One:
Remove grill -2 bolts and 2 clips

Step Two:
Get the bumper off, there are about 10-12 clips holding the bumper on and a couple bolts. There are 3 or 4 on each side of the car holding the bumper to the wheel well cladding and one on each side holding it to the actual fender. As well as a few on the bottom across the front including a bolt or two.

Step Three:
Once you have removed the front bumper and grill, you will need to remove the actual bumper structure and foam from the car. There are 4 bolts on each side of the bumper and you also need to remove 4 10mm bolts on each side on the bottom of the headlights to be able to lift the bumper structure up and out of the way.

Step Four:
Reattach the 10mm bolts that still have mounting points that you removed from the headlight mounts. Now get out your FMIC mount and finger tighten it to your car, we will tighten this down later. Two bolts on the bottom one on the top.

Step Five:
Get out your cut off wheel and remove the 2 tabs that stick out across the front lip of the core support. The one in the center needs to be cut off almost directly in the middle of the bolt hole and the one of the left just needs to be trimmed flush with the rest of the lip.


Step Six:
Get out your intercooler and begin to line it up to bolt on the new FMIC mount that is supplied. Unless i was just unlucky the bolt holes are off about 1/4 of an inch side to side and front to back. This is where you will use your drill and angle grinder to enlarge the holes for proper mounting. This took me about 4 tries to get it perfect. I suggest getting larger washers then are supplied with the bolts because of the larger mounting holes. (I also put some lock washers on)

Step Seven:
Once you have your mounting holes lined up go ahead and mount the intercooler loosely, we will again tighten this later. Now laydown under the car and check that the bottom mounts line up, mine did perfectly and insert the two bolts and washers supplied with the kit and tighten these down. Make sure that the intercooler has clearance from the lip of the core support and is not touching.

Step Eight:
Once we have the bottom mounts tightened down go ahead and tighten the top mounts. Also go ahead and tighten the mount to the car, again making sure everything is level and there is no rubbing. You have successfully mounted the front mount and are ready to begin running your piping.

This is where i will have to stop for now until i get my black piping and have an engine to run the piping to, i will finish this how to as soon as i am completely done.

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