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This is hilarious. Great video! I really at the frowning faces you put on the cars. Everytime one popped up I cracked up.

I think it is VA period. Everything in your video I see daily on my way to In fact one of the last times I was hit, was by a guy making a uturn from the right lane and turned into me....said he didn't see anyone coming (uh still doesn't make it a legal turn either way)....then not too long after that I was making a left turn in the right left turn lane (there were two lanes to turn left)...the lady to the left of me completely disregarded the solid white line that showed her where to turn...decided she needed more room than she was given and came into my lane and side swiped me.......proceeded to Lowe's parked and went shopping. When she came out myself and 4 Hampton cops were waiting for her and she said oh gosh I didn't even know I hit her.....but I had her paint all down the side of my car and mine was on the corner of her front bumper.

Some people's children....