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Removing Differential
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Click the attached images at bottom of post to get bigger sizes.

Remove bolts that hold on tail housing:

Use hammer and block of wood or other cushioned impact technique on side of case, to lightly tap loose the housing. It will walk backwards as you tap it from different angles:

When you pull the tail housing cover off the transmission, the rear output shaft will be stuck inside the housing. This will separate the transfer clutch pack. Be aware some clutch pack frictions and steels will fall out. A couple thin metal spacer shims will also fall out. Keep an eye on where they fall from. You can see one shim on the right, on the paper towel. You can stick all shims right back where they belong, with the aid of Vaseline. Vaseline dissolves into the ATF, and is the goop of choice from the RE5R05A rebuild manual, straight from Nissan/JatCo:

Output shaft in tail housing. Clutch pack put back in order:

Clutch pack looks healthy and practically brand new. It has 30k miles on it:

Lightly hammer tap the splined output stub, pictured here. DO NOT HIT OR DAMAGE THE BLACK OIL SEAL surrounding it. A few gentle hammer taps will pop it right out of where it sits.

Use crow bar or back end of hammer to pry the center diff from the transmission. See how it slides out. Take care to slide it out in a straight line. The input shaft to the center diff is very long:

Pull snap ring:

Now the bearing pins can be pulled out, either with a plyers or just turn the diff upside down and they'll probably just slide out as they are in with very little grip:

With gears removed. Keep track of the thin thrust washers that go on either side of the planet gears:

The old bearings inside each planet gear should slide right out. Then insert the new solid bulletproof bushings.
The first production bushings of pre-2013 have a mild interference fit, and a slight taper. For these, use a press, or be very careful if using a C-clamp or some other means.
All current-model bushings are drop-in fit, no press or tools required!

The pin fits!

Top left: stock bearings. Perhaps now you get why these things can't handle launches.
Top right: bulletproof bushing installed.
Bottom: empty gear.

My trick to get gears back into the carrier housing. Install pin with ever so slight protrusion, then put thrust washer on. Then slide gear in, and push in pin halfway. Lastly slide in other thrust washer, and spin the gear on the pin to center it, while slowly and gently pushing pin through further:

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