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 Joel Gat
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Originally Posted by RiceKiller2.5GTL
just to clarify...[...]...the '06 WRX has the same exact engine (2.5L turbo) as the Legacy does, just tuned to 20 less horse in a lighter car, so it is not a step down in any means. Its a step up actually given the power and handling, just not as luxurios or "sleeper" like as the legacy.

Well, just to clarify, also, the WRX has a smaller turbo and intercooler, so it's not just tuned for less power, it has less power potential.

As a comparison, I brought my '05 OXT and my friend's '06 WRX to Trey for tuning. On the OXT, I had him install an up-pipe and a turbo-back and give me a custom pro-tune. On the WRX (which has the smog pump instead of the up-pipe cat), he added a turbo-back and did a custom pro-tune. Both were done on California gas. So the two cars had the same exhaust plumbing but different turbos and intercoolers.

Stock '06 WRX:
Hp: 202.0@5800
Tq: 234.2@3800

Stock '05 OXT:
Hp: 212.8@5600
Tq: 227.5@3800

"Stage 2" WRX:
Hp: 224.8@5400
Tq: 271.1@3000

"Stage 2+" OXT:
Hp: 250.5@5200
Tq: 291.2@3600

So the Legacy turbo flows quite a bit more, giving the OXT 25 more hp and 20 more ft-lbs in peak potential, but the true story comes in when you see the dyno charts. From 2600 to 5500 rpms, the OXT is making more than 225 hp at the wheels, which means more power than the peak power from the WRX.

Just to clarify

Oh, and the build quality of the OXT is still better than the WRX, though the '06 WRX Limited sure feels a heck of a lot better, interior quality-wise, than my '05 STi (which makes about 238 hp, 248 ft-lbs, so more HP than a Stage 2 WRX, but less than a Stage 2 OXT).