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Originally Posted by BAC5.2 View Post
1) Cars now use R134-a, not R22 or R12 anymore.

2) It's not a new idea to use the A/C system to supplement cooling. Having an independent A/C system just for the intercooler is going to be awfully heavy, but people have definitely sacrificed their cabin A/C to cool their intercoolers.

That said, at full-bore, an A/C compressor consumes a lot of power. Most cars, at WOT, shut off the compressor (in slow cars, you can feel the air begin to blow warm on long WOT pulls).

Is it worth the trouble? It'll keep heatsoak at bay, but it would provide for a very inconsistent operating temperature (especially if the compressor shuts down at WOT).

I'd consider a well designed AWIC before I invested too heavily into something like this. After all, I'd rather my A/C keep my cabin cool.
1) The idea wasent to use the cars a/c, but to have a separate system.

2) None of it would run off of the cars engine. So theres no way and/or reason for the car to shut off the compressor.

In regards to weight, I dont need a big compressor to run this because im not trying to freeze or cool down a room; just enough to keep the IC's temp within a certain range. The compressor that i posted above is 14lbs, 40lbs for the spare battery. A grand, rough total of 54 lbs in the back of the car. I doubt that'd do much to hurt performance..think of the things most people lug around in their car, let alone themselves rubber hose instead of copper lines shaves some weight aswell. Only part that im not sure of would be the evaporator.

Right before the evaporator is the expansion valve/metering device, its adjustments are all regulated by a bulb placed after the evaporator. If it senses that the temp is to high or too low, it makes its own adjustments accordingly. Thats how your evaporator in your home keeps the temp that you set relatively consistent.

Originally Posted by sumfoo1 View Post
I agree with everything bac said

And just an FYI I in no way shape or form have done any calculations or give any form of approval that this setup will work.
Eh any idea has to come from somewhere; never knew calculations to come before ideas

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