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IMO, some of the bad valve issues are caused by clogged injectors. If the motor experiences a lean condition in one cylinder while under boost the EGT in that cylinder will go through the roof and bake a couple exhaust valves. No two valves are exactly alike in their melting point so one will generally pucker-up before the other in mild cases. Freeway commuters are particularly vulnerable to this problem. /opinion

My solution to this specific issue is to have two sets of injectors. Swap them out every couple years or 40K (or more/less) miles and send the 4 dirty ones to witchhunter to be cleaned/flow-tested/documented for $85 or whatever it costs at the time. Or, whenever the idle gets lumpier than normal and you haven't disconnected the battery from the ECU recently.

If you want to get crazy, you can get 4 EGT sensors and mount them just past the manifolds on each of the 4 cylinders. Moar gauges, moar power!