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I bought the car because I like it, and it has decent power. I'm coming from a completely race built 400+whp Hyundai Tiburon running E85 and tuned by me, so I know what I'm doing and mostly what I'm talking about. lol
Mfrs base their octane rating on what gives the most safe and reliable peak performance. Most turbocharged engines can actually make power using lower octane fuel if built and tuned correctly. Actually most newer management systems can adapt and provide peak performance regardless of octane level. Look at the new Sonata Turbo for example. Its rated for regular (85-87) unleaded. Granted that it has direct injection but the concept is still the same. It can actually make more power on Premium due to increased knock threshold but its designed to run on regular.
If you guys aren't interested in a lower octane tune because all you care about is MAX POWA then that's your prerogative. I myself would like to have more options than just 91-93 octane fuel and with full ECU programmability that is a viable option.