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Originally Posted by underpowerd View Post
if you can build it to the standards you detail, you'll own the segment.
people here tend to get wet for ipt vb, because as you said, they're the basically only game in town.

i wouldn't worry about establishment v. individual; enthusiasts want pudding, period.
if you could offer a radically better performing product, at a competitive cost, with equal user install effort/downtime/reliability, i don't see any reason you couldn't become the go-to for what is already a fairly popular mod for power-hungry 5eat'ers.
I dont have a 5EAT, but I can attest to the high standards of ClimberD. If he says he's going to get something done and at standard X, you can be assured that it will meet or exceed that standard. While he may take a little longer on some aspects (ah... the external wastegate, ) it is assured to be professional and perfect. He obsesses about things you will never see and that provide 0 gain, so when it comes to things that actually help performance or that you'll see, well you know where this is going.
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