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Originally Posted by underpowerd View Post
people here tend to get wet for ipt vb, because as you said, they're the basically only game in town.
If people knew what their $769 was buying them, it is entirely possible people would call IPT and start screaming for 10 minutes straight. Yes, it's easily that insulting to an adept "enthusiast's" intelligence. I would be pissed as all get out if Frank_ster hadn't been preparing me for months to the possibility that IPT does 10 minutes of work, costing them $2, for which they charge $769. Actually, IPT does even less than he thought, and he thought they just drilled a couple of holes. It's the steep price people pay for jumping before understanding what they're jumping into. That needs to end, at least for those who want to get good value and performance for their money.

Nothing against IPT as a business. I would be so lucky as to own a cash cow like IPT. And they did nothing illegal or misleading. They simply say, send us $769 and your VB and we'll send it back and it will shift better. You don't have to send them your money if you don't want to. But it comes with the territory that people like me will raise the bar of value for money, and now they will have to either subsist on their reputation, or make a better shift kit, or lower their prices. In reality, the Subaru 5eat generates them perhaps 0.5% of their volume, if that. I won't even be a blip on their radar unless they want to belittle me for bursting their bubble. They'll still make their boat payments just fine, and they will still perform their core business of rebuilding transmissions with more frictions/steels stacked on the drums that get the most abuse, in addition to cryo, etc.

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