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I built and raced muscule cars( '69 Mustangs one with a 390 big block and C6 auto/ reverse shift pattern and hi-stall, shift kit, etc the other I put a 351C w/4sp,'56 F-100 w chey 327 built 350 TH, etc...) before I got into Subarus. I built engines and I helped my mentor built Ford and Chevy trannies for drag racing. I remember most of what he taught me on how to keep a tranny together behind a big block. So if there is anything I can help you with let me know. The members here helped me get my FMIC bussiness off the ground and I like to give back. I'm going to send you a PM and good luck. Bryan
Originally Posted by ClimberD View Post

A few of you know I have been spending almost all my free time working on my transmission, specifically my valve body collection. I'm the type of person who seeks to dissect a complicated mechanism down to its most basic elements, at least when I have the information available to comprehend what I am looking at.

A couple things had been bugging me about our valve body modification options:
1) IPT valve body service, only shop in town, charges $769 + 2x shipping, and says nothing about what they do. They had been performing their service awfully quick. So either they had nothing else going on in the shop, or it was super easy. So we were all getting taken easy.
2) IPT valve body does not make the shifting as good as it needs to be. Shifts still take a while at high RPM, for instance. Way better than stock, but nothing like what the 350Z clowns describe or show in their videos.
3) The 350Z TransGo shift kit was/is making RE5R05A transmissions shift very very well. But we don't have a TransGo option.
4) One member had his trans shop custom install a 350Z TransGo kit, which he said shifted superior to the IPT valve body mod.


I seek to solve every transmission "problem" found on my 5eat, and I have been busy.

In doing so, I hope to bring to the 5eat community a set of R&D'd shift kit / valve body modification services that are superior to IPT, and are more on par with the 350Z options. I intend to bring these to market at a lower cost than IPT. A win for all of us.

I am aiming to become more of a business entity in the LGT community. I intend to make some money doing this. If I did not intend to make money with providing a service, I would stop investing most of my evenings working on this, and I would do the minimum to accomplish my own shift performance needs, which are almost met. Instead, I aim to develop a valuable service in order to help any 5eat enthusiast achieve the shift performance they need to hold real power. This would include modifying both stock valve bodies and IPT modified valve bodies to achieve proper shift performance across the board for all.


Special thanks to Frank_ster for helping me learn so much about transmissions, and Buick 3.8L motor swaps.
Special thanks to others, you know who you are.


I have figured out exactly what IPT does in their 05-07 LGT 5eat VB mod. One can intuitively figure a similar type of mod is done to many similar transmission valve bodies. I will not get into how I feel about knowing what they have been charging $769 to do all these years. It makes me feel depressed that at one point I was so beholden to the forum group think that I was actually excited to join the ranks and pay IPT good money for their VB mod service. It breaks my heart, and I'm very confused about the whole situation.

I believe I can successfully implement a superior shift kit modification to 08-09 LGT valve bodies as well as 05-07s, but that will come only after 05-07 model years have a working proof of concept.

I have a tester valve body and a TransGo RE5R05A shift kit, and I am investing a lot of my time and energy in working to fully analyze the 350Z TransGo VB modifications. I am well on my way to having an absolutely superior valve body to the IPT valve body.


Now, if you have a 05-09 5eat LGT and are interested in having your valve body modified (some of you for a second time), please post the following information and feel free to ask any questions.

LGT 5eat car year? 05 06 07 08 09
IPT VB mod already performed? Yes or No
Are you willing to pay close to but less than IPT prices (perhaps again) for a proper shift kit modification performed by fellow 5eat performance enthusiast ClimberD himself?
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