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Subaru Legacy GT LED Turn Signal Bulbs! Same-Day Shipping! Switchback Options
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Subaru Legacy GT Turn Signal LEDs

From the factory, turn signal bulbs are powered by standard incandescent lights that light up amber in color.

Newer luxury vehicles are using LEDs for turn signals, because LEDs offer a crisp, instant on/off, increased brightness, and true, vibrant color. By replacing the bulbs in your Legacy GT, you can achieve this modern look!

The installation is 100% plug-and-play, just replace your factory bulb. The bulb may blink faster since it uses less power, and your vehicle thinks the bulb is out- to fix this, please see "hyperblinking" section below.

Diode Dynamics offers several brightness options so you can choose what fits you best. These options are listed by the design and the lumen output of each bulb:


HP11: (310 lumens) Slightly higher brightness than OEM bulbs.
XP80: (510 lumens) Much brighter than OEM bulbs. These are bright!

Resistor Option: Some vehicles may have fast-blinking issues when LED bulbs are installed as turn signal replacements. We offer resistors to remedy this issue for a nominal charge. Alternatively, we offer plug-and-play flasher modules to regulate the flashing speed.

We carry the brightest, highest-quality bulbs at the lowest prices. Your order will ship same day, and we're here if you need us for support and service. And we do not raise prices to astronomical levels- We're breaking that market trend, and offering you great, low prices, every day. These LED bulbs are designed by us here in St. Louis, and every bulb carries with it a three-year limited warranty.

Subaru Legacy Front Turn Signal LED Options
Subaru Rear Turn Signal LED Options

Subaru Legacy Front Turn Signal LED Options
Subaru Rear Turn Signal LED Options

Any questions, feel free to ask via email (, Post or shoot us a PM!

Nick C.
Diode Dynamics

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