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I can offer you this from an eBay vendor. I have a 2007 limited and these are the instructions I was given. I attached a pic of the fob so you can compare too.

Programming for a 2006 to 2008 Subaru Legacy
Read through this information very thoroughly as eveything needs to be done in a quick fashion!*
This is a very difficult procedure that many / most folks are just not able to perform well or properly.
While we provide this information, we recommend a dealer or very good locksmith for the
programming of these due to the difficult nature of the process to get these going.
First, open the remote and make a note* of the eight-digit number located inside the case.
* When
***** Remote transmitter added or replaced.
***** System malfunction.
* How
* NOTE: A maximum of 4 remote transmitters can be programmed (one at a time).
* Program all 4 memory positions to ensure lost or stolen remote transmitters
* will not work.
***** Locate and record remote transmitter ID number from package or remote
***** transmitter that will be programmed.
***** Open driver's door.
***** Enter vehicle.
***** Close driver's door.
***** Within 15 seconds: Turn ignition key to ON position and back to LOCK
***** position 10 times.
***** An acoustic signal is emitted once to indicate programming mode activated.
***** Another continuous acoustic signal will follow and interior lamp will flash
***** until programming is complete.
* NOTE: If an error occurs during programming, the acoustic signal will stop, the
* interior lamp will extinguish and the programming will need to be started
* again.
***** Within 45 seconds:
***** Open driver's door.
***** Close driver's door.
***** An acoustic signal is emitted until the ID number is entered.
***** Press the LOCK button on the door control panel the same number of times as
***** the first digit in the remote transmitter ID number.
***** When the digit has been entered press the UNLOCK button on the door control
***** panel.
***** Repeat procedure with each digit counting from left to right.
***** Repeat programming procedure for the entire ID number a second time.
***** An acoustic signal is emitted once to indicate programming complete.
***** Repeat ID number entering procedure for any additional remote transmitters
***** being programmed.
***** Check operation of all programmed remote transmitters.

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