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^what i think everytime i see these 2.5i headder mod threads.
Not to be a hater, but you spent ~$300 for a LESS efficient exhaust setup?
Well its hard to not come off as a hater since you wandered all the way in the N/A section to post a salty remark. That like me going into the GT section to hate on a post you made about installing a BOV based on the Rich condition btwn shifts issue. Also I don't want to hear it I have a looong thread about it if you want to debate, this thread is for the end result.

Secondly how many modded 2.5i's have either of you dyno'd ? or better yet how many stock ones?

At some point you have to stop repeating unproven rumors. In the turbo world your claim holds true in our world no one has ever tested it. I plan to be the first, once i get my numbers I will post the results no matter what they prove

My Theory:

This setup will flow better than the stock obviously but power levels will be equal or slightly higher than stock.